• Plastic negative means the elimination of single use plastic, removing more plastic from the ocean than bottles we manufacture and offsetting all carbon emissions generated manufacturing our plastic bottles. More than this we collect or offset at least 10% more than we generate. For every litre you blend in your reusable plastic bottle you are saving 135grams of plastic being manufactured and 386g of carbon emissions from manufacturing a plastic bottle.

  • Carbon negative means you are eliminating or offsetting more carbon than you are generating. Love U is not currently carbon negative but in time we aim to become carbon negative.

    Currently the Love U factory operates using 100% green energy sources. Our customer delivery partners offset their entire carbon footprint. Our carton box factory operates using 100% solar power. While all carbon emissions generated manufacturing our plastic bottles are offset by 110% with the purchase of blue carbon offset credits (refer to our Southern Cardamom REDD++ Project).

    Love U is minimising carbon emissions by not continuously shipping plastic and water. Maximising the efficiency of the products we do ship (concentrated sachets as opposed to bulk water).

  • Love U is radically transparent. Unlike many other brands we list the ingredients we use in our products. Every ingredient has been benchmarked against the EWG Skin Deep Cosmetic Database to help us assess the safety of every ingredient. To learn more about the current ingredients used in Love U products go to our performance section.

  • Love U is tackling the entire life cycle of the product, not just one component of the issue. Not only do we carefully select which ingredients we use (based on the environmental impact and performance) but we have eliminated single use plastic and we do not needlessly transport bulk water which generates carbon.

  • Yes, the Love U concentrated powder and gel sachets are mixed and packaged in Melbourne, Australia.

  • Love U offers four specialty formulations. Everyday, Colours, Delicates and Sensitive. Not all clothes and stains are the same. We believe in using specialist formulas to deliver targeted cleaning and stain removal across a spectrum fabrics and stain removal challenges.

  • Our blending technology requires that the powder and gel remain separate until the blending process occurs which ensures that the ingredients remain stable and so we maximise the product efficacy.

  • To maximise shipping efficiency and to minimise our carbon footprint we have set a minimum refill purchase quantity of 6 litres.

  • Our everyday formula has been designed to target and remove stains using cold water. It is ideal for busy families that require a powerful everyday washing solution. Tested and proven to remove grass, dirt and blood, our everyday formula is your go to laundry solution.

  • Our colours formula has been designed to remove stains while protecting fabric vibrancy and colour. Designed to care for your coloured clothing and maximise the life of each garment. Tested and proven to perform in cold water.

  • Our delicates formula has been designed to gently clean merino wool, silk and fine knit fabrics using cold water. These fibres naturally breath and wick away odours. Our formula gently removes stains from these beautiful fabrics, while protecting their natural performance properties.

  • Our sensitive formula has been designed to maximise washing performance without the use of ingredients that may trigger skin sensitivity. There are no enzymes, fragrance, or dyes in the formula as these ingredients can trigger an allergic reaction and or skin sensitivity.


  • Yes, Love U laundry liquid can be used in either top or front loader machines.

  • We recommend using 50ml or half a cap full when completing a full load of washing. You can reduce the dosage for lighter or smaller loads as needed.

  • Our formulations have been designed to perform using cold water. Independent testing has proven that Love U everyday laundry liquid performance is comparable to the market leading brands using cold water.

  • Love U has been designed to be blended and to wash clothes using cold water. We do not recommend using hot water. Hot water washing results do not outperform cold water washing results. While heating water also generates unnecessary carbon emissions.


  • The Love U blending process is really simple and fun. It’s a simple two-step process where you add the powder and gel to water. Kids can even help with the blending process (under strict adult supervision).

  • Don’t worry if you make a mistake when blending. If you get the powder, gel and water into the bottle it will all blend together. However, it may take some extra time to fully blend if you haven’t followed all the steps. Just let the liquid rest for a few extra hours, give the bottle a few inverted turns to blend and it will be ready to use.

  • Don’t worry. Give it time to rest and invert the bottle a few more times to blend. Worst case scenario send us an email and we can problem solve the issue for you.

  • This is normal. The foam will settle and dissipate after 3 hours.

  • You can use the liquid after 30 minutes. However, there will be a foam top which may make a mess when you pour out the liquid. We recommend waiting 3 hours for the foam to settle and then topping the water level up to the 1 litre mark before using.

  • Yes, we recommend that you blend your laundry liquid products within 3 months of receiving your order. Because our sachet packaging is compostable the material over time will start to biodegrade (breakdown).

  • No, you can start the blending process even with a small amount of laundry liquid still in the base of the bottle. There will be more foam than normal but the foam will dissipate.

    Just fill the water to a level that ensures that the foam doesn’t spill over and let settle. Once the foam has settled you can top up the water level to the 1 litre fill line.


  • Our sachets are home compostable. If needed, you can buy a home composting system from your local hardware store. Or you may choose to setup your own composting system. You can mix the empty sachets with all your garden and food scraps. Our sachets will compost within 26 weeks.

  • Our sachets are both home compostable and biodegradable. So, if your sachets end up in the landfill they will naturally biodegrade. It’s not always possible to compost so we have designed a packaging solution that will naturally biodegrade minimising environmental damage.

  • The Love U bottles have been designed to last for years. Simply wash them out and continue re-using them continuously. If you need another bottle or additional bottles you can purchase them in our store.

  • The Love U re-usable bottle is made from 70% virgin / 30% recycled PET plastic. It’s been designed to be continuously re-used. You can wash it out, refill it and re-use the bottle for good.

  • Yes, you can use any type of bottle. Anything that minimises the ongoing manufacture of plastic is good.

Shipping and returns

  • At Love U we ship all items with Sendle’s 100% carbon free delivery. Irrespective of the size of the order, our carbon free shipping costs $8.95 Australia wide.

  • We want you to start saving the planet as quickly as possible, so your order will ship next business day.

  • We are currently focused on launching the brand in Australia but watch this space as we plan to enter international markets very soon.

  • As soon as your order ships you will receive an email or SMS, depending on your preferences with your live tracking number. You can also find the tracking number under Your Account on our website.

  • Yes, absolutely.

  • We ship all our orders using Sendle’s 100% Carbon Free delivery system.

  • We do our very best to ensure our customers’ orders go out perfectly, but we do make mistakes. If you’re unhappy with your order, it’s arrived damaged or we packed the incorrect items, please send us an email at care@loveusoap.com and one of our friendly customer service experts will get back to you the same day.

  • Yes, you can return your unopened and unused Love U order at any time. Please login to the My Account section on the website and choose Returns, then follow the prompts. You can also email us at care@loveusoap.com to speak with us directly.

  • Yes, you can return your unopened and unused Love U order at any time. We want you to love Love U as much as we do, so any issues at all please reach out to care@loveusoap.com to speak with us directly.

  • We would be more than happy to assist with any issues or concerns. Just reach out to care@loveusoap.com and one of our product experts will work through the problem. If we can’t solve the problem, a refund will of course be organised.

Subscription and returns

  • Changing your subscription is very easy, just go to the My Account section, and the first tab you will see is My Subscription. Simply click Edit and make changes to your product mix, size of subscription and timing.

  • Use the Reset Password option on the Login screen to reset your password. If you don’t remember the email address you used to create an account please use the Find Login Information option on the Login screen.

  • Yes, you can check out without using an account. If you wish to create an account later to view your order information, tracking details or other information an option will appear on the login screen to create a password.