How it Works

Currently when you purchase 1 litre of laundry liquid from the supermarket, 700mL of bulk water gets transported, 135g of plastic gets manufactured per bottle and 386g of carbon is generated manufacturing the plastic bottle. Conversely, these pollutants can be avoided every time 1 litre of Love U laundry liquid blended.

If a family of 2 adults and 2 kids blended their laundry liquid for a year the total environmental savings for the household would be:

10,500 ML Water Transported

2,025 G Plastic Manufactured

5,790 G Carbon Emissions

When you purchase a Starter Kit, the Love U laundry liquid concentrate is shipped to you in compostable sachets along with a reusable HereForGood bottle. Once your Starter Kit arrives, you simply blend the contents of the Gel and Powder sachets with water in the HereForGood bottle, wait 30 minutes and your laundry liquid is made and ready for washing.

How to blend

Fill with cold water to the 500 ml line, add contents of powder sachet.

Replace lid and gently swirl to blend powder (30 seconds) allow liquid to rest for 2 minutes.

Add content of gel sachet, slowly add cold water to the fill line.

To blend liquid, invert bottle and gently rotate back and forth (12 times).

Add additional cold water and fill to the 1 Litre line (to avoid mess, best done after 3 hours when foam has dissipated).