Sensitive Refill 6L

Formulated for sensitive skin with no fragrances or enzymes. This refill makes 6 litres of laundry liquid.

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  • Zero Single Use Plastic

  • Carbon Neutral Manufacturing

  • 100% Home Compostable Sachets

  • Cold Water Performance

  • No Phosphates

  • No Parabens

  • Plant based surfactants

  • Biodegradable Enzymes

  • Not Tested on Animals

  • Made in Australia

Your 6L Sensitive Refill Pack includes:

  • 6 litres of Sensitive Laundry in 100% home compostable sachets.
  • Storage box for compostable sachets.
  • Recycled cardboard packaging.
  • A whole heap of Love for the planet, and oceans, reefs and waterways.

Our Sensitive formula has been designed to maximise washing performance in cold water without the use of ingredients that may trigger skin sensitivity. There are no enzymes or fragrances in the formula as these ingredients can trigger an allergic reaction and or skin sensitivity.

You can feel good that by using Love U laundry liquid you are taking single-use plastic out of circulation, using less carbon, and once you blend Love U laundry liquid at home, the concentrate sachets will compost down to nothing or biodegrade.

How to use

Love U laundry liquid is shipped in 100% compostable, biodegradable sachets which you mix with water at home in the HereForGood bottle. 

Read our blending steps to see how easy it is to blend Love U laundry detergent at home.

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Love U laundry liquid is Australia's first high performance laundry liquid that helps protect the planet and our oceans, reefs and waterways.

  • Cold water performance.
  • Formulated without enzymes or fragrance which can irritate skin.
  • Proven performance when compared to the leading supermarket and eco brands of laundry detergent.
  • Concentrated formula to help deliver a more powerful clean.
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Our commitment to oceans, reefs & waterways

Resea recovers plastic waste in local waterways, also raising awareness to stop plastic pollution. One bottle is removed from the ocean for every bottle Love U manufactures.

We support 1% for the Planet, an international body whose members contribute at least 1% of annual sales to environmental causes.

Love U contributes 1% of annual sales in support of plastic and carbon projects protecting our oceans, reefs and waterways (in addition to our 1% for the Planet).

We’re Cleaning up Dirty Laundry

Each year the laundry industry manufactures and transports over 8.4 million tonnes of laundry liquid around the Earth. Only 30% of the liquid transported actually cleans our clothes. Love U is delivered in small, compostable sachets that you blend at home, saving the planet from needless transport miles, single use plastic and waste.